The Barbara Moebius Memorial Scholarship Fund

On July 13, 2015, NASBITE International lost its leading lady- founding leader, colleague, and friend, Barbara Moebius. Barbara had a hand in everything that was and is NASBITE International serving in every office, writing the organization’s policy and procedures, selecting conference locations, establishing criteria for the selection of the host institution, creating our professional recognition awards, the development of the NASBITE Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP), and serving as Chair of the Distinguished Fellows and the Board Development Committee. Barbara also mentored new members and provided counsel to those developing new programs and writing grants.

In the words of Janis Short, friend, colleague, and founding NASBITE International member: “She had a manner that was always classy, soft-spoken, and quick to find the humor in a situation. The early NASBITE years had a lot of drama. As you know, groups “storm” before they create and evolve. During this time, Barbara was an anchor, a guiding light, and made sure people felt valued and respected. She repeatedly volunteered for the most thankless tasks and did a thorough job. She was a great competitor and helped push the field into new realms.”

Beyond NASBITE International, Barbara was a local and state leader for over 30 years through her work at Waukesha County Technical College (WCTC), Pewaukee, Wisconsin, where she established the first Wisconsin International Trade Resource Center and International Business associate degree program and avidly supported similar developments at other colleges in the technical college system. She also was the voice of cooperation and synergy with other institutions of higher education and trade service providers to further global business in Wisconsin. She received multiple federal grants from the U.S. Department of Education and was highly respected nationally for her pioneering work in international trade education.

Barbara was living in Prescott, Arizona with her husband Don Wollin, where she had retired after her long and distinguished career. Her WCTC colleague, Aleda Bourassa (retired), says “ Barbara possessed an excellent mind, a vibrant spirit of discovery and awareness about the world and its cultures, and will be remembered as our North Star, pushing us to be our best, as she also challenged herself in her endeavors, benefiting education and business leaders into the future.”

The Barbara Moebius Memorial Scholarship fund has been established in her memory as a visionary global trade educator, founding member, Past President and Officer of the Board of NASBITE International.  NASBITE supports this fund through the NASBITE CGBP Student Pathway Program.  Specifically, we do so in name, by referencing the fund and making it possible for nominated Student Ambassadors to help faculty and staff at Educational Partner schools generate awareness for the CGBP Student Pathway Program.  This involves waiving the CGBP Student Pathway program registration fee ($75) for student ambassadors and also waiving the Student Ambassador’s CGBP Certification exam fee ($195) at schools that have 5 or more students registered for the program.  NASBITE then donates a portion of the fees collected from those schools to the Barbara Moebius Memorial Scholarship fund, which is used to support students who are exceptionally dedicated to global business.  With more than 100 educational partner schools in our network, we believe that this recognition of her contributions, along with our support of this student benefit, is a fitting tribute and contribution to her legacy.

Please click below to contribute to the Barbara Moebius Memorial Scholarship fund established in her memory as a visionary global trade educator, founding member, Past President and Officer of the Board of NASBITE International.

Your contribution will help fund a global trade student or academic professional to participate in NASBITE International activities. All donations are tax-deductible.

Click here to view Barbara receiving the John Otis Lifetime Achievement Award in Portland, Oregon in 2012.