2018 Annual Conference Award Winners

NASBITE International is committed to advancing international trade by acknowledging professionals in the field that have demonstrated excellence in developing innovative programs and practices that improve international trade. Their successful achievements are honored through the presentation of annual awards.


This award recognizes and celebrates innovation and excellence in international trade curriculum development, research, program development, and advocacy of international business issues.


This award recognizes specific programs developed by institutions and organizations to meet a particular identified need. All organizations, public and private, for-profit and not-for-profit, are eligible to apply.


This award recognizes the dedication and service of those that are advancing international trade in each state in the United States as well as Canada and Mexico. Award winners, which may be programs or individuals, have contributed to the advancement of international trade for four or more years.


The NASBITE John Otis Lifetime Achievement Award is named for NASBITE International’s founder, John Otis. In 1986, after 20 years as a small business owner, he established the Small Business International Trade Program at Portland State University. He recognized the need to establish a network among international trade education providers and hosted the first conference from which NASBITE was born in 1988. His guiding philosophy of organizational development, based on encouraging collaboration and consensus supported by communication and commitment, served NASBITE well during its formative years. John worked tirelessly and patiently to guide the NASBITE Board of Governors in creating a sustainable organization that truly serves the needs of its members throughout North America.

The NASBITE John Otis Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes this vision and is the highest honor presented by NASBITE. This award honors a lifetime of achievement in international trade education or training by those who have distinguished themselves through leadership or service nationally or internationally. It recognizes a body of work that has has substantial impact on the field of international trade.


Dr. Madan Annavarjula
Dean of the College of Business
Professor of International Business
Bryant University
Smithfield, RI

Dr. Madan Annavarjula, Dean of the College of Business at Bryant University, is an experienced, dedicated, professional educator, who is passionate about, and committed to, the advancement and promotion of international business in higher education.

Dr. Annavarjula has had a long career of successful involvement and leadership in business education, with an emphatic focus on the ever-increasing value of extending the university level academic business curriculum onto the global stage of business. His energies helped develop, then lead and grow, a BSIB (Bachelor of Science in International Business) Program at Bryant University, which is nationally-ranked among the top three programs according to USA Today/College Factual survey of college rankings.

Dr. Annavarjula has brought the same level of dedication and commitment to all who know him in his continuum of laying, and improving on, the groundwork of excellence in international business education, creating a legacy of which all of us will benefit now and into the future.


Milken Institute
New to Export 101 – Los Angeles, CA

Since its inception in 2017, Milken Institute’s “New to Export 101 – Los Angeles” program has served 23 NTE manufacturers in the Los Angeles region, resulting in increased export knowledge and skills, identification of high potential markets, development of target-market entry strategies, initial steps to find distributors through trade missions and partner-find services of the Commerce Department. It is anticipated the program will lead to appointment of distributors and initial export sales by all 23 clients, and the addition of up to 20 more clients, in the upcoming year.

Partners for this program include US Department of Commerce, US Small Business Administration, Los Angeles Office of the Mayor, Port of Los Angeles, California Centers for International Trade Development, California Manufacturing Technology Consulting, Los Angeles Regional Export Council, and Los Angeles Customs Brokers, and Freight Forwarders Association.

Maurice Kogon, Program Director, has over 57 years of in the international business field, starting with USDOC (1961-94), where he was tapped to develop and manage USDOC’s Worldwide Information & Trade System (WITS), the precursor of today’s export.gov. Maurice moved to California in 2001 to direct the El Camino College CITD. In 2012, he founded Kogon Trade Consulting to do mostly pro-bono export mentoring and training. Now in semi-retirement, he directs the Milken Institute’s New-to-Export (NTE) initiative. Maurice has written and lectured extensively on international trade and has developed numerous web-based export tools, including his Exporting Basics Guide and Export Readiness Assessment diagnostic. He has a BA and MA in foreign affairs from GWU. He has taught international business courses at CSU Northridge, George Washington University, and Virginia Tech. He has consulted for the Egyptian Government and the UN’s International Trade Centre in Geneva. Maurice is a past President of NASBITE (2008-09), served for many years as a NASBITE Board Member, and helped to develop NASBITE’s Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) credential and exam. He was honored in 2013 as the recipient of NASBITE’s John Otis Lifetime Achievement Award.


International Business Development Team
North Carolina Small Business Technology & 
Development Center (North Carolina)

The International Business Development team of the North Carolina Small Business Technology & Development Center’s (SBTDC) has a long history in North Carolina in assisting North Carolina’s small business sector in bringing small businesses to the next level. SBTDC does this by assisting their client businesses in the development and implementation of viable strategies that enhance their competitive advantage and success in the marketplace. The SBTDC has been North Carolina’s City-State Partner with the US Export-Import Bank enhancing the financial capabilities of NC SMEs. Over the years, the SBTDC has made a difference in the viability and continued success of many small businesses.

The International Business Development Team of the SBTDC is a group on dedicated highly trained international business advisors and consultants, all whom have earned the NASBITE CGBP certification. Led by Michael Seibert, the SBTDC’s International Business Development Team consists of Alex Viva, Owen George, and George Neuenschwander. Their goal is to provide guidance and outcomes for small and mid-sized businesses thereby enhancing their exporting success.

Roxanne Baumann
Director, Global Engagement for the Wisconsin Manufacturing
Extension Partnership (WMEP) (Wisconsin)

Roxanne Baumann has been an exemplary member of the State of Wisconsin’s international business community for many years. Her tenure spans from the private sector (Harley-Davidson, Artos Engineering, and Aldrich Chemical) to serving exporters across the state in the WMEP ExportTech program. Roxanne exemplifies NASBITE International’s motto “Advancing Global Business” and the Award’s focus on individual leadership and commitment to improving the practice of global business on a state or regional level.

Roxanne is an energetic and articulate professional who has earned the respect and support of executives and the staff of the companies impacted by ExportTech. Evidence of her commitment to international business development attributed to the fact that over 150 Wisconsin program graduates have averaged $1 million in new revenue and new jobs in the first year with additional growth in the following years. Due to Roxanne’s focus on partnerships, organizations such as Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, Wisconsin Department of International Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection and the US Export Assistance Center Milwaukee eagerly contribute to ExportTech and its success while gaining recognition from the private sector and benefiting as individual entities.

Roxanne’s effective leadership of the ExportTech program has brought the state of Wisconsin national recognition. It has received national accreditation by the USDOC (Department of Commerce). The Brookings Global Cities Initiative considers the program to be “the best in the nation”. Graduates of the program have included four Governor’s Export Achievement Award winners, four USDOC President’s “E” Export Excellence Award winners, and the largest percentage of WMEP graduates on a national level. Seamless collaboration with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation resulted in ExportTech receiving the national “Excellence Award in Responding to Globalization” Ms. Baumann serves as an advocate for the NASBITE International CGBP credential with each ExportTech program offering across the state of Wisconsin. She was an initial supporter of the Waukesha County Technical College International Trade Advisory Committee and the work of Barbara Moebius (NASBITE International Co-founder) which contributed to the development of the credential.