2018 Student Case Competition Archives

The 2018 NASBITE International Student Case Competition is open to all colleges and universities that have an academic business program, and brings together top undergraduate business and/or marketing students to solve a real-world international marketing challenge provided by the 2018 sponsoring company, Otto Environmental.

The goals of the NASBITE Student Case Competition are:

  • To provide undergraduate college and university students the opportunity to work collaboratively on a creative solution to an international marketing challenge, and to put their presentation and networking skills to work
  • To provide the sponsoring company access to the very best undergraduate business and marketing students presenting potential solutions to their international marketing challenges
  • To provide a solid foundation for student involvement and participation within NASBITE International

2018 Case Study
Otto Environmental: Market Selection and Entry Strategies to Expand Exports in the Americas
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1st Place: James Madison University
Instructor: Mert Tokman
Team Members: Alana Buto, Samar Eliman, Daniela Nadal, Nicole Swindell


2nd Place: Williamson College of Business Administration, Youngstown State University
Instructor: Omer Genc
Team Members: Fabio Bassil, Mariah Carna, Adam Hauser, Joseph Scott


3rd Place: The Ohio State University
Instructor: Joyce Steffan
Team Members: Kaleb Miller, Logan Miller, Xioahan Huo, Jonathon Snell


NASBITE International would also like to acknowledge other participating teams below:

Bradley University
Instructor: James Foley, CGBP
Team Members: Meaghan Carroll, Brian Katz, Katie Loyet, Roberto Torres

Savannah State University
Instructor: Inessa Korovyakovskaya
Team Members: Austin Bailey, Quincy Parham, Christopher Siebbeber

University of Iowa: Tippie College of Business
Instructor: Dimy Doresca, CGBP
Team Members: Nicholas Day, Qingyang Li, Madelyn Monk, Geret Smith

University of North Iowa
Instructor: Chris Schrage, CGBP
Team Members: Regan Hodina, Emily Le, Ben Mossman, Jacob