2019 Student Case Competition Archives

The 2019 NASBITE International Student Case Competition is an exciting learning and networking opportunity for undergraduate students attending two-year and four-year colleges and universities which offer an academic business program, The Competition brings together top undergraduate business and/or marketing students to solve a real-world international marketing challenge posed by a top U.S.-based exporter.

The goals of the NASBITE Student Case Competition are:

  • To provide undergraduate college and university students the opportunity to work collaboratively on a creative solution to a real-world international marketing challenge, and to put their presentation and networking skills to work.
  • To provide the sponsoring company access to the very best undergraduate business and marketing students presenting potential solutions to their international marketing challenges.
  • To provide a solid foundation for student involvement and participation within NASBITE International.

2019 Case Study
AdEdge Water Technologies: International Market Entry Recommendation
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1st Place: Campbell University
Instructor: Shahriar Mostashari
Team Members: Dylan Blackburn, Sarah Page, Aaron Schnoor, Cassie Taylor

NASBITE International would also like to acknowledge other participating teams below:

Bradley University
Instructor: James Foley
Team Members: Christopher Chaidez, Joseph Knott, A. Martin Orias, Roberto Torres

College of Charleston
Instructor: David Desplaces
Team Members: Renee Frasley, Alexandra Hammersley, Ryan Syriol, Justin Teague

Florida Institute of Technology
Instructor: Timothy Muth
Team Members: Adi Davidov, Jenna Hallett, Shannon Kelly, Emanuele Rossi

Ithaca College
Instructor: Fahri Unsal
Team Members: Dalton Elias, Wilson Fay, Fallon Golden, Savannah Hughes

Metropolitan State University
Instructor: Duncan McCampbell
Team Members: Nicholas Bergman, Abigail Ernst, Lebert McDowell

Savannah State University
Instructor: Suman Niranjan
Team Members: LaShannon Lawson, Zac Osburn, Erin Robinson, Autumn Sessions

SKEMA Business School
Instructor: Alex Viva
Team Members: Benjamin Chambers, Jennifer Eid-Baret, Eva Gerault, Abderrahman

Stetson University
Instructor: William Andrews
Team Members: Ashley Dean, Louise Gutenberg, Christine Sehl, Tyler Thomas

The Ohio State University
Instructor: Joyce Steffan
Team Members: Rachel Hartley, Ben Kincaid, Melodi Sarioglu, Jiakun Wu

Universidad Panamericana
Instructor: Fernando Villela Aranda
Team Members: Ariadna Butron, Tamara Campos, Arianne Ortiz, Eric Yanez

University of Bridgeport
Instructor: James Nicholas
Team Members: Ruth Charles, Sadiq Dramanti, Erik Hren, Lyli Josephs

University of Iowa
Instructor: Dimy Doresca
Team Members: Josh Chen, Morgan Diestler, T’Shailyn Harrington, Laura Schwager

University of Northern Iowa
Instructor: Christine Schrage
Team Members: Maren Lafollette, Guadalupe Lopez, Laura Lopez, Hetavsi Patel

Utah State University
Instructor: Eric Schulz
Team Members: Chase Butterfield, Anthony Criscione, Taylee Mathis, Drake Oldham

Villanova University
Instructor: Ward Utter
Team Members: Paolo Caponony, Becca Gleeson, Ian MacPherson, TJ Reed

Youngstown State University
Instructor: Omer Genc
Team Members: Shelpa Bhandari, Ahmed Elkhafif, Anthony Nakley, Mason Scovil