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NASBITE International is accepting 2024 Annual Conference presenter submissions through Friday, December 8, 2023.

NASBITEā€™s 2024 Annual Conference, set for April 9-11, provides a forum for learning across abroad spectrum of topics related to international business and trade. Conference attendees include faculty teaching international business at colleges and universities; international trade specialists and trainers affiliated with SBDCs/World Trade Centers/state offices of international trade, etc.; and independent trade consultants and professionals from the industry. We are seeking presenters to provide current topics and best practices for all segments of conference attendees.

NASBITE International encourages submissions linked to five themes:

  1. Best practices in international business education including curricula, study abroad, pedagogy, etc.
  2. Best practices in international business training and SME assistance
  3. Enhancing trade skills (international marketing, supply chain, trade finance, compliance, eCommerce, marketing research, international digital strategies, etc.)
  4. Trade resources in support of international business training and assistance
  5. CGBP and CGBP Student Pathway Program and related topics including best practices in CGBP curricula, pedagogy, faculty training, lessons learned from the Student Pathway Program, etc.

Proposals are also welcomed addressing cutting-edge and timely topics outside of the above themes.

The focus of all sessions should be educational, that is, with an emphasis on informing attendees of best practices, resources, or developments in the field, as opposed to commercial in nature. NASBITE International does offer a robust sponsorship program, and we would be pleased to work with interested organizations on opportunities to showcase our sponsors.

For additional information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




Note: All presenters will be required to present in-person in Las Vegas, Nevada and will be required to submit a pre-recorded presentation by April 1.