Dan Curran

International Trade and Logistics have been my professional focus since the late 1980’s when the Soo Line Railroad was acquired by the Canadian Pacific. Prior to the Canadian Pacific Acquisition of the Soo Line, I was involved in the integration, rationalization and merging of the Soo Line and the Milwaukee Road of the northern half of the combined properties.

My focus turned to Business Planning as a liaison between client requirements, marketing and operations I gained the unique perspective of all facets of logistics, which included Heavy Haul transportation, coordination with other Class I rail carriers in the US and Canada, Intermodal facilities and equipment balancing.

After a career on the railroad I took the position of Dir. Supply Chain for a company in Iowa which produced starches for the paper industry, food additives and other industrial applications both domestically and internationally. This included responsibility for products moving into South America and along the Asia Pacific rim from Indonesia to China and Japan. I was involved in the establishment of a joint venture with a cassava production facility in Thailand and negotiated supply and logistic arrangements with Export Trading Companies in Tokyo.

I have been fortunate to have been involved in International Trade and developed relationships with a broad network of professionals. With this platform of tactical experience and strategic planning, I prepared myself for the CGBP Exam attaining Certification in 2012.

I continued to broaden my network and expertise and apply these assets in a Global Trade class I teach at the Tippie School of Business at the University of Iowa. I developed the curriculum for applied Global Trade with topics ranging from Region/Market research, International Sales/Marketing evaluation, Tariff and Nomenclature Systems, Documentation, Export Licensing, INCO Terms, Foreign Trade Zones, Physical Logistics and Regulatory Compliance. My passion and profession are fortunately one in the same.