Kathie Cravens

Kathie Cravens, CGBP, MIEx, is a seasoned international trade specialist with years of exporting experience, has traveled and lived abroad, worked closely with numerous foreign dealers and distributors, and has attended several foreign trade shows. She has advised small to medium sized companies on their export practices and has been directly involved with exporting numerous shipments of U.S. manufactured goods to every continent around the world. She provides in-depth advice on international trade techniques, export processes, and international market opportunities to local companies. She provides research support for new markets and products and referral assistance for export related activities, licensing, certification, export compliance, export financing, logistics and customs issues. In addition to working with U.S. worldwide manufacturers, she was owner of an export management company for 13 years. She has a full diploma from the British Institute of Export, is a Certified Global Business Professional and an associates in paralegal studies.

A consultant and trainer with over 30 years’ experience in promoting sale of U.S. manufactured products into foreign markets through international travel & foreign trade shows; seeking and establishing foreign dealers/distributors, designing marketing materials for targeted countries; determining most cost effective trade shows both domestic and international; processing and expediting export shipments ranging in volume from small packages via air freight to 60 containers on one ocean vessel; successfully responsible for $5 million Letter of Credit projects; building relationships with service providers and negotiating contract rates. Kathie has a diploma from the British Institute of Export, Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies and is a Certified CGBP Trainer.