CGBP Accredited Training Program

The NASBITE CGBP Accredited Training Program designation is an endorsement that proves competency in all four domains of knowledge required by the Certified Global Business Professional credential. Accredited Programs are those that include exceptional trainers and curriculum with a track record of successfully preparing candidates to sit for the CGBP exam. Organizations are required to pay a $400 fee per year to maintain their Accredited Program status. With this application, a non‐refundable fee of $150 must be submitted. Upon acceptance as an Accredited Program, the $150 will be applied to the first year payment and will be invoiced for the remaining $250.

Along with this application, you must also include the following:

  • Completed program expertise verification form
  • A list of all program materials including: textbooks, handouts, websites, and supplemental materials
    Note: NASBITE International may request copies, samples, or extracts of any or all training materials for review
  • A list of trainers/instructors that are CGBP certified with resumes and/or cover letters (at least one trainer/instructor from the organization must be CGBP certified)

University / College Applicants must also include:

  • Number of semesters/terms the course(s) have been taught with CGBP training content
  • Syllabus of supporting courses with CGBP training content
  • Requirements of any international business major, minor or certificate offered

Training Organization Applicants must also include:

  • A list of CGBP training seminars organized including the focus of the training and the number of participants each year
  • A program overview with a training agenda
  • A list of international trade related services, including the number of years the organization has been providing international trade services or training
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