Here are some of great comments that employers have shared with us about their employees (those who have earned the CGBP designation).  We are so proud of their expertise and professionalism. CGBPs are trade professionals who are committed to excellence, and that makes the CGBP a designation that has significant value. 

Drew KittDrew Kitt, MBA, CGBP
Director of Business Development
Leapfrog Global Trade Networks
“Providing export services requires a vast amount of knowledge, as a business owner it is reassuring to know that my employees have a solid understanding of what’s required to do business internationally. As an “E” award winner, Leapfrog is a trusted partner to our customers and having a Director of Business Development with NASBITE’s CGBP accreditation provides value add in retaining and attracting new clients.”

Amy Parris, President

Leapfrog Documentation Services,
Leapfrog Global Trade Networks and
LF Worldwide Transportation
Charlotte, North Carolina

Kathie CravensKathie Cravens, CGBP, MIEx
International Trade Specialist,
Illinois Small Business Development Center at Champaign County EDC
“Champaign County EDC counts on the connections that Kathie Cravens makes to our local industries and businesses. Her knowledge of export practice and regulation makes her a valuable resource for new international sales opportunities. Her designation as NASBITE CGBP certified adds to her significant knowledge and credibility with our companies. As host to the SBDC/ITC, Champaign County EDC is pleased to have Kathie on board, we believe that our Center is one of the most capable in the Central Illinois region and count on the continued support of NASBITE International to keep us at the top of our game” 

Craig Rost
Executive Director
Champaign County Economic Development Corporation
Champaign, Illinois

Alex SantanaAlex Santana, CGBP, PLS
Agent Relationship Manager
BGI Worldwide Logistics, Inc.
"Alex Santana is one of our key employees and he makes an impact on our success every day. His NASBITE CGBP credential has validated his broad knowledge in global supply chain, international trade finance mechanisms, and high levels of cultural intelligence. He is an excellent example of what the CGBP designation means to our company and our clients. In the highly competitive world of global logistics, one of the most important differentiations between us and our competition is having highly qualified and knowledgeable employees. The CGBP credential sets Alex, and BGI Worldwide ahead of the pack and a world apart.”

Gabriel Shweiri, MIM, MBA, CGBP
President, BGI Worldwide Logistics
Irvine, California

Sean ChristieSean Christie, CGBP
International Business Development Regional Coordinator Pacific
Global Aerospace Firm
“Through the NASBITE CGBP certification, Sean has gained further insight into global market entry strategies and the complexities of global marketing. These insights have allowed him to contribute heavily to both our global internal stakeholders and customers. Additionally, the CGBP credential has proven to be an exceptional value added in terms of Sean’s continual understanding of a global business environment. As the demands of global business are ever-changing, the CGBP credential continues to be an exceptional resource for our employees to understand the key facets of conducting business successfully.”

Global Aerospace Firm
Baltimore, Maryland

Melissa ReichwaldMelissa Reichwald, CGBP
Export Logistics Specialist
Johnsonville, LLC
"At Johnsonville we have 3 members who hold the NASBITE CGBP designation and work in various departments within the company including Transportation and Export Compliance. This allows us to utilize all member’s expertise and keeps us well rounded in all aspects of International Business. We use this competitive advantage to win as a team (Johnsonville received The President’s E Award in 2008 and The President’s E Star award in 2017) and drive HICS (Highest Impact on Customer Success) for our international customers both internally and externally.”

Dean Blanke, Director of Supply Chain
Johnsonville, LLC
Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin

Krista HinrichsMelissa Krista Hinrichs, CGBP
Sales & Marketing
Argosy Console, Inc.
“We are very appreciative of the knowledge and experience Krista Hinrichs brings with the CGBP credentials. As a small manufacturer in the middle of Missouri, we are fortunate to have someone on staff that has the confidence and expertise in the ‘nuts and bolts’ of international business and the resources available to us for importing and exporting from anywhere in the world.”

Tim Thompson, President | CEO
Argosy Console, Inc.
Eldon, Missouri

Mike SteesenMike Steensen, CGBP
International Sales & Development
LJ Star Incorporated
“In his short tenure with our company, Mike Steensen has had a significant role with the development of our sales in Latin America. Mike identified our top markets within each country and established a strong distribution network. His knowledge and market research has earned us substantial growth in this market. He obtained grants, credit guarantees and government assisted background checks with distributors. Mike came to us with an education and motivation that will serve us well.”

David G. Star, President
L.J. Star Incorporated
Twinsburg, Ohio