Carefully preparing for the CGBP exam is an important part of the certification process.  To that end, NASBITE International has several categories of resources that can be helpful to you.

The CGBP Practice Delineation

The CGBP Practice Delineation is the foundational reference document that articulates the trade skills certified through the attainment of the NASBITE International Certified Global Business Professional credential. The document is comprised of four domains of skills:

  • Domain 1: Global Business Management
  • Domain 2: Global Marketing
  • Domain 3: Supply Chain Management
  • Domain 4: Trade Finance

The skills certified within each of these domains consist of tasks and supporting knowledge statements. So if you are planning to sit for the CGBP exam, download the CGBP Practice Delineation


CGBP Certification Prep Bundle

Tailored specifically for international trade professionals, NASBITE International’s  CGBP Certification Prep Bundle features cutting-edge content presented by SME exporters, trade assistance experts and educators who are actively engaged in expanding U.S. trade internationally.

This bundle includes:

  • CGBP Exam Prep Study Pack (176-page, downloadable PDF study guide)
  • CGBP Practice Exam Access (online practice test to try out the CGBP exam platform and test questions)
  • CGBP Exam Registration Fee 

Government Rate: $550.00 ($650 value)

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Self-Study Resources

For those who like self-paced study, several good resources are available:

  • CGBP Study Pack
    The CGBP Exam Study Pack is designed to help candidates prepare for the CGBP exam and to help educators develop content for CGBP training programs. The Study Pack contents are directly aligned with the CGBP Practice Delineation and address each of the 32 Tasks and 125 specific Knowledge Statements within the four CGBP Domains (Global Business Management, Global Marketing, Supply Chain Management and Trade Finance). It provides context to better understand the intent of the relatively brief Statements, defines any specified terms and acronyms, and discusses and links to relevant Web-based sources of “data,” “information,” “programs,” “initiatives” or like resources cited as need-to-know items for the exam. These materials are not intended to serve as a standalone resource, however, they are an excellent supplement that can be used to augment face-to-face training or other training materials, resources, and textbooks that would more typically be used when training business students or the uninitiated.

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  • MindEdge CGBP Exam Prep Modules
    These modules provide an overview of essential skills for conducting international business. Each individual course contains a 25-question practice exam as well as tips and documentation to help you prepare for the exam. Completing these self-paced, CGBP Exam Prep modules can be a great way to ensure your readiness to sit the CGBP Professional Examination.

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Global Business Management
Global Marketing
Supply Chain
Supply Chain Management
Trade Finance


  • Do You Have the Skills for Global Success?
    The key to successful exporting is knowing how to recognize international opportunities while minimizing the risks. This webinar will take a look at a study led by NASBITE International that was designed to develop a national standard for competency in global trade: benchmark international trade knowledge, assess staff readiness for exporting, and find out what the CGBP certification can do for exporting capability.

CGBP Training in the Classroom

If you want to learn from experts and prefer face-to-face instruction, there are a number of NASBITE International CGBP Accredited Training Programs available across the country. Find a training program near you.


CGBP Practice Exam

You also have access to a 75-question Practice Exam ($50). The Practice Exam testing platform mirrors the certification exam methodology and online testing platform, so you’ll be able to get a feel for the site’s functionality and navigation. Completion of the CGBP Practice Exam can be used to guide your ongoing study and exam preparation activities.

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Do you have exam prep resources to offer?

NASBITE International constantly reviews additional exam preparation resources that may be shared via this website.  If you have study materials/resources that you would like NASBITE International to endorse as approved study materials, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..