CGBP Exam Preparation Training


NASBITE maintains a network of ACCREDITED CGBP Training Organizations — including Certified Trainers, Accredited Training Programs and others — that offer CGBP training and CGBP exam preparation courses. Use this search interface to find an Accredited CGBP Training Organization near you. 
Also available here are additional CGBP training and exam preparation training options, provided by other trainers/training organizations that are NOT ACCREDITED by NASBITE.
  1. Individuals viewing these training events can secure program information and register for the program from the NASBITE site.
  2. Clicking on the “Register Now” button, and completing your registration information, generates an email that is sent to the training host with the registrant’s information. 
  3. The training host will then follow-up with the registrant directly to complete the registration process and collect payment.
These training events are offered independent of NASBITE International, so unless the entity hosting the training notes a NASBITE Member discount, a membership-related discount isn’t automatically linked to these offers.
Please be aware that NASBITE assumes no responsibility or liability for the material, delivery, and accuracy of the training content listed here.