CGBP Governance


The NASBITE International CGBP Governance Council was created in 2013 at the recommendation of the NASBITE International Fellows, to provide a separation in governance and oversight responsibility for the Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) Credential.  Although the Governance Council Chair maintains a seat on the NASBITE Board of Governors, the Governance Council operates independently to provide a framework by which exam construction and maintenance and credential oversight can be conducted by members who are not directly engaged in the preparation of training materials or involved in the training of CGBP exam candidates.
The NASBITE International CGBP Governance Council provide oversights and management of all aspects of the NASBITE International CGBP exams and related test bank of questions, as well as the following additional activities:

  • Manage selection of members to join committees or working groups under the guidance of the council
  • Item Writing (question authoring)
  • Item Review (technical and editorial review of submitted questions)
  • Exam Construction (creation of exams)
  • Standard Setting (establishing passing point needed for each exam)
  • Review of Candidate Concerns (reviewing comments from candidates regarding specific exam questions)
  • Maintain all communication with exam contractor/s pertaining to exam and test bank development and maintenance.
  • Make recommendations to the NASBITE Board of Governors of required activities to maintain the integrity and validity of the CGBP credential including creation of new questions and exams, and modification to the competency profile (practice delineation).
  • Maintain confidentiality of test bank questions, exam forms, and other exam-related information not considered part of the public domain.

    The CGBP Governance Council

    Elizabeth M. Smith (Chair)
    Area Manager, Spartanburg SBDC
    Clemson University/Spartanburg Community College

    John Xu
    Lender Relations Specialist
    District International Trade Officer
    U.S. SBA

    Anthony Cambas
    Manager of International Trade University of Mississippi/MS SBDC

    Milena Erwin
    Women’s Business Center Program Manager
    WBC at University of Hartford

    Denise Whitford
    Business Advisor
    Connecticut SBDC

    CGBP Governance Council Member Qualifications

    The following qualifications apply to all members (other than the Public Member):

    • Attained the NASBITE CGBP credential
    • Demonstrated experience in international trade either as practitioner, teacher, or trade assistance provider
    • May not be involved with training or teaching of candidates seeking to sit for the CGBP exam
    • May not be involved with writing or developing training materials related to the CGBP exam
    • Willingness to learn, assume leadership and participate fully
    • Willingness to represent NASBITE International in the community

    Note: The CGBP Governance Council Public member plays a special observation/oversight role on behalf of the general public.  As such, the Public member is not required to have attained the CGBP credential or be currently engaged in international trade, as a practitioner, teacher or trade assistance provider.

    Engagement Opportunities

    If you are interested in giving back and supporting NASBITE International via activities that support the ongoing development and preservation of the integrity of the CGBP credential, several service opportunities exist.

    CGBP Governance Council Membership

    CGBP Governance Council members serve a three-year term.  Annual opportunities exist for individuals meeting the CGBP Governance Council membership qualifications to submit a membership application.  Contact NASBITE International to indicate your interest.

    CGBP Exam Review Process Support

    Periodically the CGBP Governance Council completes an exam review process to modify or develop new exam forms.  Significant volunteer opportunities exist during this process and include:

    • Item Writing (question authoring)
    • Item Review (technical and editorial review of submitted questions)
    • Exam Construction (creation of exams)
    • Standard Setting (establishing passing point needed for each exam)

    The CGBP Governance Council actively communicates with all NASBITE International members when volunteers are needed to support Governance Council operations, or exam review/development activities.  If you would like to have your name added to the “CGBP Exam Review Process” support team, for advanced notification of service opportunities, please contact NASBITE International.


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