Annual Recertification of your CGBP credential requires:

1. Complete Ten (10) hours of professional development / continuing education activites - i.e. Ten (10) Continuing Education Units (CEUs) - that are related to the Four (4) Knowledge Domains of the CGBP Examination Table of Specifications (aka Exam Blueprint).

2. Pay the $75 CGBP Recertification Fee.


Submitting CEUs

Submit your CEUs online via your Dashboard

  • Assume that your CEU submission is APPROVED. You will be contacted only if there are any questions regarding the credibility of the activity.
  • NASBITE International does not require the submission of documentation for activities for which you are requesting CEUs, but reserves the right to audit CEU submissions and request documentation.
  • Please maintain your documentation in the event NASBITE audits your submission.
  • CEUs are calculated based on the actual time spent participating in the activity, not including breaks. One (1) hour of particiation equals One (1) CEU.


Creditable Professional Development Activities Examples

  1. Attendance/participation in an accredited or NASBITE International-approved professional program in person or virtually.
  2. Attendance/participation in a government-sponsored professional program in person or virtually.
  3. Attendance/participation in designated courses during the NASBITE International Annual Conference, National Small Business Exporter Summit, or monthly webinars hosted by NASBITE International.
  4. Publication of relevant, peer-reviewed materials related to the focus of the CGBP credential.
  5. Developing learning materials and/or coursework for NASBITE International accredited initiatives.
  6. Participation in CGBP certification program services (e.g. job analysis, item writing group, exam construction, pass point study) led by the CGBP Governance Council.
  7. Participation in NASBITE International and CGBP committees or Boards (i.e. re-certification committee).
  8. Public Policy Development.


How do I know if a program I have attended or plan to attend will count for CEUs?

Generally, if the program is related to any of the four CGBP domains (Global Business Management, Global Marketing, Supply Chain Management, or Trade Finance) and is sponsored or presented by a credible trade training organization, college/university, or government agency, credit will be given. The best way to ensure credit for participating in programs is to attend one of the many pre-approved programs listed in our Pre-Approved Recertification Courses directory.


How do I view my CEU submissions?

You can view your submissions by logging into your NASBITE International account. View your CEU submissions on your Dashboard.



How do I pay my annual recertification fee?

You may pay your annual recertification fee via your NASBITE International account. On your Dashboard, follow the link to recertify.