CGBP Annual Recertification


How to maintain your CGBP credential

The Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) designation is a badge of competence, so we ask CGBPs to commit to a small amount of ongoing professional development each year to ensure that our members are strong, knowledgeable, and up-to-date.  As such, every CGBP must maintain their credential through continuing education activities and are required to submit 10 CEUs along with an annual re-certification fee each calendar year.

What kinds of programs and activities qualify for CEUs?

NASBITE accepts a wide range of professional development activities – examples are as follows: 

  1. Attendance/participation in an accredited or NASBITE approved profession-related program in person or virtually.
  2. Attendance/participation in a government sponsored profession-related program in person or virtually.
  3. Attendance/participation in an designated course (s) at the NASBITE International Annual Conference
  4. Publication of relevant, peer-reviewed materials related to the focus of the CGBP Credential
  5. Developing learning materials and/or coursework for NASBITE International accredited initiatives
  6. Participation in CGBP certification program services (e.g. job analysis, item writing group, exam construction, pass point study)
  7. Participation in NASBITE International and CGBP committees or Boards (i.e. re-certification committee)
  8. Public Policy Development

How do I know if a program I have attended or plan to attend will count for CEUs?

Generally, if the program is related to any of the four CGBP domains (Global Business Management, Global Marketing, Supply Chain Management, or Trade Finance) and is sponsored by, or presented by a credible trade training organization, college/university, or government agency, credit will be given.  The best way to ensure credit for participating in programs, is to attend one of the many pre-approved programs that are listed on our website.

If a program is not listed on the NASBITE website, it does not mean the program is not worth CEUs. To find out if the program will be granted credits, send the information about the program to and we will respond promptly with an assessment of CEU value.

How many CEUs are required?

CGBPs are required to obtain 10 CEUs per calendar year in order to remain in good standing. Attendance and/or participation in approved CEU activities will generally be counted at a 1 to 1 ratio. For example, attendance at a two hour export compliance workshop presented by an International Trade Assistance Center will be credited two CEUs.

CEUs will not carry over from year to year. You are required to obtain 10 CEUs every calendar year. You may obtain and request an infinite number of CEUs every year, however only 10 will count for the year and regardless of the number of CEUs obtained in one year, none will carry over to the next year.

How do I submit annual CEUs?

Submit your CEUs online here. Simply click on “register for this event” to get started. NASBITE does not require the submission of documentation for activities for which you are requesting CEUs, but reserves the right to audit CEU submissions and request documentation.  Please maintain your documentation in the event NASBITE audits your submission. You will be contacted ONLY If there are any questions regarding the creditability of the activity.

How do I view my CEU submissions?

You can view your submissions by logging into your NASBITE account. Activities submitted for CEU credit will show up under either “My CEU Submissions” or “My Events” in your record. You will be contacted ONLY If there are any questions regarding the creditability of the activity.

How do I pay my annual recertification fee?

Log in to your NASBITE account, go to the Online Store and search for CGBP Recertification Fee. Go through the payment wizard and submit payment. An email confirmation will be sent to the email we have on file confirming your  payment.”


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