MindEdge CGBP Exam Prep Modules

Develop the skills necessary to put your business in new global markets.  Reach your business’s goals by developing a global business plan, and conducting international market research while understanding the nuances of cultural, legal, political, and regulatory differences.  Learn how to evaluate opportunities, manage market entry challenges and develop new sales.  Learn how you can evaluate supply chain options to achieve the best solutions for international business and learn how to keep a business financially sound by developing a financial plan, understanding optimal methods for payment and pricing, assessing financial risks, and taking steps to mitigate those risks.  These self-paced, CGBP Exam Prep modules are also a great way to ensure your readiness to sit the CGBP Professional Examination. They are tailored to address every aspect of the NASBITE CGBP Practice Delineation, and they have each been independently reviewed to ensure quality..


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Global Business Management

Global Marketing

Supply Chain Management

Trade Finance


Modules can be purchased individually at $275 USD. The CGBP Exam Prep bundle, which includes all four individual modules, can be purchased in a bundle for $799 USD (see below) representing a 27.4% discount.

If you purchase one module for $275 USD and later decide to purchase the CGBP Exam Prep bundle,  the three additional courses will receive the 27.4% discount. Your final price for all four modules will be $874.25 USD (this credit and/or any other discount codes to be applied will be evident during the checkout process).

Note that if you need to drop/cancel a module that has been paid for, you may request a 90% refund (10% cancellation fee) up to 5 days from the purchase/start date provided you have completed less than 10% of the course content.


 These modules have been independently reviewed by NASBITE Certified Trainers (source documents below)..