Rubina Daudpota, CGBP

Rubina Daudpota is an International Trade Specialist and (CGBP), Certified Global Business Professional, with more than 10 years of teaching experience in Global Business, International Finance, Banking, and Economics at International College Beijing, China and COMSATS University. She has received numerous awards due to excellent teaching. Rubina received a MBA degree from Texas Woman’s University in Denton, TX.

She got the chance to travel all over the world with her father, who dealt in foreign affairs, which gave her the opportunity to learn about different cultures and the ability to speak seven languages fluently. She traveled extensively throughout China, Canada, Egypt, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal, India and Saudi Arabia. This is how her interest in global business developed and ultimately turns into her passion and career. While obtaining her MBA and TWU, she completed many global classes, but somehow felt that reading textbooks and in class lectures wasn’t enough. While researching for more opportunities she came across Dallas ISBDC and applied for an internship to gain further knowledge about Global business. With the International Trade Center Dallas SBDC, she became more involved in market research, counseling and training development and successfully passed the (CGBP), Certified Global Business Professional exam in 2016.

Rubina firmly believes that women contribution plays a major role in world economy and is the key to success in business. By increasing the opportunities for women in the workplaces and furthering diversity in business, women will be able to earn the right to provide knowledge, expertise and skills that are not readily available to women in developing countries even if they possess the qualifications to do so. Primarily in Asia, women represent two thirds of the low income class. Economic insecurity is a daily part of their life which often is caused by discrimination in employment and education. Poverty, poor health care, and limited opportunities make it difficult for women to become independent. Despite economic and social contribution women make to their society, they have no control in key assets such as a family home, property and use of income. My success in Global business as a woman will help contribute to lessen discrimination in developing countries and help create an environment in which girls and women will come to recognize their full potential.