Vijesh Jain, CGBP

Dr. Vijesh Jain is an engineering graduate from BITS, Pilani, India and has completed a Master of International Business from IIFT, New Delhi, India. He also holds a PhD in the area related to International Business and Trade. Presently he is working as a Full Professor of International Business and Trade at the Institute of Technology and Science, Ghaziabad, India. He has industry experience of more than 16 years along with teaching and research experience of more than 12 years.

Vijesh Jain became interested in the areas related to international trade when he completed his engineering graduate degree from India in 1985, and worked in chemical industry for about a year. He realized that he is a person who is always interested in doing a job which provided him with an opportunity to know more about the world and not just his own country. He wanted to learn trade, culture and life of people in different nations and learn unique lessons from their way of life.

With these interests in his mind, he joined the Master of International Business program, a two year degree course offered by Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi, India and also learned German as part of the course. Immediately after completing his two year post graduate course, he secured a job in a large international trading company based in New Delhi, India. While working with this company, he had a chance to visit several European nations. It was a great learning experience for him.

From there, there was no looking back. Mr. Jain went on to become deeply involved with international trade operations and management for the next 10 years, visiting and dealing with people from around the world. Later, Mr. Jain went to on to start his own international trading company headquartered in Delhi. In his own venture, he was involved with export and import activities of intermediate industrial good to and from various countries. After running his trading company for almost 8 years, Mr. Jain realized it was time to give back to the society and especially to the future international trade managers from India and abroad. He sold his trading company to another industrial group in India and went on to join a reputed B School in Delhi NCR teaching second year students of post graduate programs, subjects related to international trade and business management. He also regularly taught students ‘international strategic management’ and used his personal practical experience to inspire and illustrate management concepts for his students.

Vijesh Jain has seen a number of opportunities and challenges during the course of international trading operations. A variety of people taught him important lessons in trade. For example, in 1991 a shipment was made by his then employer to Italy comprising of a large cache of low priced handmade cotton rugs. The client in Torino cancelled the order of this large shipment the moment goods left Indian shores. The value of the shipment was large and margins were thin. The shipment was about to reach the Italian port and stakes were high. He immediately went to Europe and visited Italy and the neighboring countries to find alternative buyers for the shipment but without success. The goods reached the Italian port and had to be received and transferred to a warehouse which was owned by the Indian government. The good were stored for a fairly long time of more than four weeks. In the meantime, Mr. Jain was searching for alternative buyers for the goods in Italy and other European countries. Finally, he was able to not only secure new buyers but also forged new relationships which expanded his international professional networks and remain profitable. Based on this experience, he proposed a new ‘stock and sale’ model of business for his company in Italy and beyond. Under this model, a large shipment of fast moving items were stocked in Italy in the government subsidized warehouse and buyers were more than interested to buy the goods at higher prices as they were able to secure a faster delivery.

In the course of his 16 years with international trading and operations, Mr. Jain believes his biggest achievement was the successful distribution network set up by him, for certain industrial products with Singapore as a hub, while the products were manufactured in bulk in India. He was successful in setting up a worldwide distribution network of agents and indenters in several countries in the Middle East, Far East, South Asia and Africa where goods were swiftly supplied from Singaporean storage facilities holding finished goods manufactured in India. While based in Singapore, he traveled to several countries in different parts of the world and forged strong business relationships with nationals of various backgrounds, thereby learning a lot from their ways of life.

When asked about the trade related lessons learned, Mr. Jain highlighted several. One very interesting lesson relates to the approach one should follow when dealing with business persons from different countries, who may have different principles, cultures, and methods of doing business. However, he says that ‘from his own experience, he has learned that a businessman is a businessman first and citizen of a particular country later.’ In other words, a businessman is likely to behave in a certain way irrespective of a variety of his or her country of origin. Therefore, if one understands the methods of behavior by a trading partner coming from different national and cultural background and just follow the business process and method to negotiate and that is all which is to be done.

When asked about his interest in CGBP, Dr. Vijesh Jain shared that one of his old trade partners in the United States encouraged and introduced him to the certification. Before pursuing his CGBP, Dr. Jain conducted research on the course, and the offering organization. When he realize that a large number of senior US government officials with international trade related duties are CGBPs, he became interested in pursuing the certification. He prepared himself for the strenuous examination for almost 9 months on a regular schedule. He took several online tests and purchased exam preparation courses recommended by the offering organization. In the end, efforts of Dr. Jain yielded results when he passed the exam.

The moment Dr. Vijesh Jain acquired the certification, he was congratulated by his employer and acquaintances. The certification has immensely helped Dr. Vijesh move up in the ladder as a senior faculty member of his institute, where he is teaching and researching international trade related topics. Moreover the CGBP has helped him generate more assignments for corporate training and consultancy. After acquiring the CGBP certification, Dr. Jain setup a YouTube channel related to videos prepared by him explaining the different aspects of international trade. His YouTube channel is doing great and viewed by the industry persons and young students alike.