Mike Steensen, CGBP

Mike Steensen earned his Bachelors in International Business with concentrations in Spanish and Human Resources at the University of Akron (UA) in Ohio. As part of his education at UA, he participated in a study abroad program at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. While in Spain, he unearthed a passion for the Spanish language, trying new cuisines, and learning about different cultures.

After returning stateside, he was accepted into the Ohio Export Internship Program (OEIP). This program is a symbiotic relationship designed to help both Ohio small business increase their international sales as well as to help groom young students by offering real world experience. OEIP also encourages participants to complete the Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) certification. It was during this internship that Mr. Steensen determined that he wanted to pursue his CGBP certification as well as a career in global trade.

To date, Mr. Steensen is most proud of being able to successfully enter a price sensitive market with a high-quality high-cost product because this experience taught him how to sell without talking about price. Additionally, he learned along the way that success requires a plan. Attempting to enter a foreign market by reacting to what your market asks of you will not lead to success: you must be proactive in your global expansion. This business plan must also be supported by upper level management and be recognized as a priority throughout the company.

Mr. Steensen pursued the CGBP in order to differentiate himself in the job market after graduation. This afforded him the opportunity to take a leadership position at his current company immediately after finishing his degree at the University of Akron. Utilizing the information he learned while preparing for the CGBP exam, he is able to analyze situations as they arise and choose the best strategy for his firm to advance and continue to develop into a global brand.