2011 Charleston Conference Presentations

I-A Ferris Social Media – A Case Study in Connecting People, Ideas and Opportunity
I-B Petersen-Frey Creativity: the global competitive advantage
I-C Levsen  Moving Goods to the Growing Global Market
I-D Kreitz/Sunderman The European Union: Single Market, Single Currency, and the Common Agricultural Policy
I-E Condon An Overview of Trade Intelligence Resources and Examples of Using Trade Intelligence to Thrive in the Global Marketplace
I-F Norris Visiting (or living in) China – A practical guide
II-A Kiyak/Kiyak globalEDGE.msu.edu: A Free Resource for Teaching, Education, and Training
II-B Dessau  Insights on International Internship Procurement for students of Business
II-C Wolff Using Forward Contracts and Options to Hedge Exchange Rate Risk
II-D Kirkendall Explore or Expand into China’s Large Market
II-E Coon/Yelkur/Regel Collaboration in the Age of Globalization: The Wisconsin Model
II-F Williams Overcoming Blindspots and Knowledge Gaps in Entrepreneurs Internationalization Decisions
III-A Hite Teaching College Business Students How To Manage Global Outsourcing
III-B Kendall/Kendall General Average Acts: Might Piracy Change the Game?
III-C Gonzalez/Carmona SBDCGlobal.com Connecting Small Business to the World
III-D Lehrer/Madden Social Media for International Trade
III-F Perez Social innovation
IV-A Kogon/Madden Multi-Platform Export Podcasts
IV-B Kloussiadis / Martin / Erwin Using Trade Shows to Find Export Sales
IV-C Vyas/Baker Business & International Education: Anatomy of a Successful BIE Application
IV-D Gardner The “T” Professional: Developing New Professionals with Professional Year Experience and Contextual Learning Opportunities
IV-E Morgan/Ferris Igniting Global Trade through Applied Learning, Business-Education partnerships, industry certification and a focus on international opportunities.
IV-F Sethuraghavan Branding Mantras for Emerging Markets
V-C Guyer Step-by-Step Guide to Exporting U.S. Products and Entering New Foreign Markets
V-D Desplaces/Levine The Geography of Trade: Relationships Between Free Trade, Freedom Indexes, Political Climate, Infrastructure, Logistics, and Taxes
VI-A Schrage CGBP Accreditation and Recertification
VI-B Andrukonis Elements of an Effective Export Management and Compliance Program
VI-C Mohamed Middle East Market Opportunities and Challenges
V-F Thompson Current Innovations and Developments within Global Trade Information and Technologies and the Applications for Education, Training and Outreach.
VI-D McKinney / Rondon / Martinez Creating Successful International Education Partnership Programs and Why It’s Worth the Effort
VI-E Hansen-Gage Securing Funding During Difficult Times
VI-F Martino/Bowen Bridging the Global Generation Gap: Challenging the U.S. Perception of Cross-Cultural Communication