2012 Portland Conference Presentations

I-A Jim Foley CGBP – Overview
I-B John P. Priecko Trade Compliance Education & Training–Enhancing Your Presentation Skills–How to Better Communicate Verbally & Visually
I-C Jade Sims MSU CIBER’s Exporting Initiatives
I-D JT Norris and Michael P. Forrest Doing Business in China under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
I-E George Hiller, Jan Smith, George Puia Today’s Challenges in Grant Writing: Where’s the Money?
I-F Ludwig Kreitz and Norman Sunderman Study Abroad Programs and The European Union Common Agricultural Policy
II-A Christine Schrage CGBP – Supply Chain Management
II-B Kristy Howell and Lucas Hitt Trade in Services: Everything You May Not Know You Need to Know
II-C Carla Gonzalez and Berenice Carmona SBDCGlobal.com-Connecting Small Business to the World
II-D Peter Koveos and Lynn Tang China’s 12th Five Year Plan: Implications for Small Business
II-E Colette Hart CGBP Recertification Program
II-F Shawn Levsen Global Distribution as a Strategy
III-A Madeline Grant and Gabriel Shweiri CGBP – Trade Finance
III-B Bob Erwin, Dimitris Kloussaidis, Charles Boyanton, and Rick Martin Global Risk Management
III-C Mark Wocial How to Create New Export Markets Through Radical Value Innovation
III-D Mary T. McKinney and Brent G. Rondon Capitalizing on Export Opportunites in Green Industries to Create Jobs and Company Growth
III-E J.M. “Mickey” Conway and Anthony Cambas How to Identify and Take Advantage of Export Opportunities to Colombia Under the New Free Trade Agreement
III-F Leif Holmvall Practical Exporting: Overview of a case-based instructional method to teach hands-on international business
IV-A Leroy Lowe CGBP – Global Marketing
IV-B Dr. Rama Yelkur and Amy Coon Best Practices in International Business in a Resource-Constrained Economy: Promoting Global Growth Among SMEs
IV-C Gary W. Colyar OPIC’s Enterprise Development Network Featuring the EDN Search Engine
IV-D Anthony P. Santella and J.M. “Mickey” Conway The Get Real Initiative Workshop
IV-E BIE – Director’s Meeting
IV-F Murray E. Morgan Innovations Through Collaboration with Education
V-A Leroy Lowe CGBP – Global Business Management
V-B Laura Wolff Understanding Foreign Exchange Rates and Explaining them to Others
V-C Mel Jameson Building an Export-promoting Internship Program: Effective partnerships for quick results
V-D Suresh Sethuraghavan Inexpensive Market Research for Small Business
V-E BIE – Director’s Meeting
V-F Jim Foley Study Abroad to China and India: Tips, Challenges, and Surprises
VI-A Christine Schrage CGBP – Review and Test Taking Strategies
VI-B Larry Sullivan US Export Control and Licensing Requirements
VI-C Lynn Tang Expand International Education to China: Challenges and Opportunities
VI-D Kimberly Kirkendall Selling Into China Can Bring Product Certification Issues
VI-E Laura Wolff Everything You Need to Know to Get Your CGBP Training Program Accredited, Your Trainer Certified, and Your Training Materials Approved
VI-F Valerie Berset-Price Bridging the Cultural Gap

Additional presentations:

10 Years After 9/11 – Homeland Security

U.S. Department of Commerce – Trade Finance Guide