2013 Albuquerque Conference Presentations

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pre-Conference Trade Logistics Workshop
Pre-Conference ITAR Workshop

Thursday, April 11, 2013

 Keynote Speaker: Alberto Rodriguez-Baez
I-A The Use of International Virtual Teams to Teach Cross-Cultural Management Tim Goines
I-B The European Transport Policy: Road and Rail Norman Sunderman and Ludwig Kreitz
I-C U.S. Trade Programs: Your Duty to Qualify Samuel Morales
I-D  Global Business Solutions: a comprehensive approach to financing small business exports Dennis Chrisbaum and James G. Burrows, Jr.
I-E International Market Entry Strategies Robert Erwin and Dimitris Kloussiadis
I-F Trade Opportunities in Colombia and Panama Using Free Trade Agreements Mary McKinney and Brent Rondon
II-A SBDCGlobal.com Connecting Small Business to the World Carla Gonzaelz and Berenice Carmona
II-B X-Culture: A unique student International Business experience Tim Muth
II-C Building bridges, crossing borders through strategic alliances – key issues for small- and medium-size exporters. Mark Wocial
II-D Developing Export Counseling & Assistance Skills Maurice Kogon
II-E NAFTA + 3 new Free Trade Agreements Mike Allocca
II-F How to identify and take advantage of export opportunities to Panama and Colombia under the new free trade agreements (FTAs) Anthony Cambas
III-A Export Tech Elizabeth Glynn
III-B CGBP Exam Update and Governance Jim Foley, Laura Wolff and Donna Davisson
III-C Export Market Research: Creating and Providing Efficient and Good Direction Nate Ward
III-D Best Practices: Developing an Accredited CGBP Training Program at a 2-year college Madeline Grant and Gabriel Shweiri
III-E A Proven Instructional Method for Practical International Business Education Leif Holmvall
III-F Exports in North Carolina – increasing international sales through collaboration John Loyack

Friday, April 12, 2013

 Keynote Speaker: Francisco Conde
IV-A Stories from the Trenches: Over 100 Years of Export-ise Rob Gardenier
IV-B Successful Models for Study Abroad in Non-Traditional Countries: Methods that lead to Engaged Global Learning Rama Yelkur and Amy Coon
IV-C Creating an Export Marketing Plan Eileen Rodriguez and Maria Clara Yepes
IV-D Global Business Curriculum Development Tanvir Khan and Susan Dragotta
IV-E Accessing the Middle East Market Changes – Opportunities – Risks Mortada Mohamed
IV-F  Valerie Berset-Price Valerie Berset-Price
V-A globalEDGE.msu.edu: A Free Resource for Teaching, Education, and Training Jade Sims and Sarah Singer
V-B  Study Abroad to China and India: Tips, Challenges, and Surprises James Foley
V-C  Import Regulations/ Preparation for the Customs Broker Exam Shawn Levsen
V-D CGBP Outreach in Latin America Ruth Taylor Lesher and Laura Wolff
V-F Identifying Export Opportunities in the Global Marketplace Ray Clark and Matt Carty
VI-A The Changing Face of International Business Education: Preparing students, educators and companies for the transition to a competitive global economy. Leif Holmvall
VI-B Academic Honor Societies: Success or Failure Abroad Janis Petronis
VI-C A Look Inside the U.S. Commercial Service Overseas: My Perspective as the First CGBP Foreign Commercial Service Officer Chip Peters
VI-D Successful Advising of New-to-Export and New-to-Market Clients Vern Jenkins, Jospeh Vogel and Terry Chambers
VI-E Becoming Globally Competent Christine Schrage
VI-F Invest. Educate. Become. International Talent Ryan Letourneau