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2020 Virtual Conference Session: What SMEs Need to Know about Counterfeiting & Brand Protection

June 3 @ 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

“What SMEs Need to Know about Counterfeiting & Brand Protection” presented by Kari Kammel & Jay Kennedy, MSU

Product counterfeiting is a serious global crime that affects SMEs in every industry in every country in the world. As SMEs develop and grow their exposure to new markets, e-commerce platforms and new distribution channels make them vulnerable to the same brand protection threats faced by larger businesses. Yet, the resource constraints faced by many SMEs relative to larger businesses make it difficult to implement traditional brand protection strategies. Many factors contribute to the issue, but SME brand owners can educate themselves on the issues in order to take a proactive response to counterfeits of their product. 1.) Recognition of the problem—many brand owners think they don’t have a counterfeit problem.  However, if you have a successful product, it is most likely being counterfeited; 2.) Training for Brand Protection – what your team needs to know—whether its 1 person or 100 people.  The A-CAPP Center ran a study of leading brand protection professionals from a broad range of industries and recommended 17 areas in which brand protection staff need to be trained in order to help protect their brand in the global markets; 3.) SME Brand Protection Guide- This free guide was developed as a way to assist SMEs in the selection of a relevant and appropriate brand protection strategy. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive, concise overview of a range of brand protection activities that can be undertaken in an effort to protect the business from intellectual property rights violations originating in overseas markets.

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