Advance Your International Trade Career with the CGBP Credential

Are you looking for ways to become more effective? Earning the Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) credential might be one of the best ways to help meet your professional development needs.

NASBITE International, a leading non-profit global business education organization that administers the CGBP credential program, is here to support your on-going professional development needs.

Launched in 2005, the NASBITE CGBP provides a benchmark for competency in global commerce by certifying an individual’s ability to conduct international business at the professional level across four main categories: (1) Global Management, (2) Global Marketing, (3) Supply Chain Management, and (4) Trade Finance.  These categories capture the key challenges facing SMEs in today’s highly competitive global business environment.  Thus, the CGBP credential can help enhance your ability to assist American SMEs in accessing global markets.  

Tailored specifically for international trade professionals just like you, two Global Business Professional Development Bundles feature cutting edge content presented by SME exporters, trade assistance experts and educators that are actively engaged in expanding U.S. trade internationally.

CGBP Certification Prep Bundle:
For individuals seeking to secure the CGBP credential, this bundle includes – 

  • CGBP Exam Prep Study Pack (176-page, downloadable PDF study guide)
  • CGBP Practice Exam Access (online practice test to try out the CGBP exam platform and test questions)
  • CGBP Exam Registration Fee 
  • Government Rate: $550.00 ($650 value)

CGBP Professional Development Bundle: For credentialed CGBPs who are seeking to meet recertification requirements

  • Unrestricted access to 20+ hours of recorded video content on trade-related topics featured during the 2020 National Small Business Exporter Summit and NASBITE 2020 Virtual Conference (see below for content details)
    Sample Session Offerings Include:
    • “Going Global” – The steps to export success for any company involves a journey, and those with experience say “it’s a journey you shouldn’t take alone”. Join Ohio SME exporter Karila Fire Training Facilities, to gain insight into the smart moves they have taken in their export journey to date, and see how…. smart move + smart move = RESULTS
    • “Improving Pricing and Profitability in Global Markets” – With an exporting history that spans more that 40‐years, Georgia‐based KaMin has learned from experience that the development of key markets and supply chain practices are core to long‐term export success. Join KaMin for this session, as they share strategies and best practices to optimize value and increase price realization through effective price setting and transactional management.
    • “Establishing a Global Presence from Small town USA” – Can globalizing your website really make a difference when it comes to being competitive in the international marketplace? Small business Equilibar, LLC, from Fletcher, NC, says yes indeed! Learn how Equilibar attracts large international business from across the world using their website alone. Gain insight into the core information your website should contain to best showcase your export capabilities; and learn about some of the resources available to provide guidance and funding to support the globalization of your website.
    • Selecting the Best Logistics Partners in Global Trade” – Choosing the right logistics partners in global trade is not a one size fits all answer. With so many providers to choose from, what should SMEs that engage in international trade be looking for in determining the right partners for their business? Finding the right partner can help companies navigate through the tangled web of international regulations, ever-changing tariffs/trade wars, routing and rates for freight.
    • “Exporting in the Digital Age” In our digital age, the Internet has given consumers unprecedented control of the purchasing process. Learn how to build a brand and grow sales by making the Internet work for your business globally.  Find out how to get found, be understood, and be easy to do business with within international target markets.
    • “What SMEs Need to Know About Counterfeiting & Brand Protection” – Product counterfeiting is a serious global crime that affects SMEs in every industry in every country in the world. As SMEs develop and grow their exposure to new markets, e-commerce platforms and new distribution channels make them vulnerable to the same brand protection threats faced by larger businesses. Access information on the range of band protection activities that SMEs can take to better position their business against intellectual property right violations originating in foreign markets.
  • Satisfaction of all FY2020 recertification requirements
  • Annual Recertification Fee
  • Government Rate: $250.00 ($350 value)

To complete your Global Business Professional Development Bundle registration, click here. Once the registration and payment process is completed, you will receive a confirmation email, with content access instructions.

For direct assistance contact Lisa Christie, NASBITE International at or (443) 640-1064 ext. 1139.