NASBITE BOG Resource Page

Governance Documents & Strategic Plan:

NASBITE Articles of Incorporation (1998)
NASBITE IRS Federal Tax-Exempt Status Determination Letter
NASBITE Policy Manual (current as of May 2020)
NASBITE Procedures Manual (current as of March 2017)
NASBITE Strategic Plan, Task Team Work Plans and Folders

Board of Governors’ Resources:

BOG Application and Professional Profile Form
BOG Job Description
Board Commitment Pledge Form (updated May 2019)
Link to 2019 BOG Self-Evaluation Survey

2019 New BOG Orientation (Video)
2019 New BOG Orientation (Slides)

2020-2021 Board of Governors Roster & Terms (updated May 2020)

Information for Distinguished Fellows

Financial Information and Reports:

Current Operating Budget (FY July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020)
Current Preliminary Financial Statements, through March 31, 2020
IRS Form 990 for the year ending June 20, 2019

Board of Governors Meeting Minutes:

Minutes of March 29, 2017
Minutes of October 5-6, 2017
Minutes of March 24, 2018
Minutes of September 26-27, 2018
Minutes of January 17, 2019
Minutes of July 31, 2019
Minutes of April 12, 2019
DRAFT Minutes of September 26-27, 2019, and Volunteer & Action Notes

Risk Management:

Insurance Policy Information: General Liability (8/1/19 through 8/1/20)
Insurance Policy Information: Directors; and Officers’ Liability Coverage (8/1/19 through 8/1/21)

NASBITE Information Quick Reference:

Accredited Training Programs Marketing Flyer (September 2017)
Certified Trainers Marketing Flyer (September 2017)

NASBITE Sponsorship Information & Resources:

2020 Partnership/Sponsorship Options
Sponsorship Target List (shared Google spreadsheet)
BOG Members: please choose at least TWO potential sponsors from this list (or add any that are not already listed), and reach out to them as an introduction. (Be sure to put your name in Column E so all can see who is contacting whom.) Please refer them to Kathy DeMarco for follow up, and/or to create a “custom” sponsorship package.