NASBITE Board of Governors Member Recognized with Exceptional Impact Award

Chris Schrage (Marketing/Global Programs)

Our 2020 AACSB review team gave commendations to the College for our Cost Neutral / Fly Free internationalization strategy. That strategy has been instrumental in increasing the percentage of our graduating students who have had a significant international experience from 1 in 19 in AY 2008 to 1 in 4 in AY 2019. Chris Schrage has been a major driver in the implementation and success of that strategy since day one. Chris regularly leads at least two study abroad programs annually. She has been innovative in that work, experimenting with programs that bring together students from partner institutions to partner campuses, to short-term programs that explore the impact of the Panama Canal on the global supply chain, expanding the professional networks of our students and building their cultural intelligence. She has been a partner and leader in bringing three significant Business & International Education grants to the College. She regularly advises students participating in academic case competitions that require a global perspective. She manages both the Global Issues Forum and the John Deere Supply Chain Forum raising the global mindset of our students and bringing recognition to our supply chain management program. For her role in elevating our international footprint, we thank Chris Schrage.