NASBITE honors ‘Trade Educator of the Year’

During its 34th Annual Conference, NASBITE International honored Laurie Wolff of the Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville as its 2021 Trade Educator of the Year. This award recognizes Wolff for her innovation and excellence in international trade curriculum development, research, program development, and advocacy of international business issues.

She has taught more than 20,000 students the basics of international trade economics during her career. She has developed and led numerous study abroad courses to Costa Rica, Mexico and China. Wolff coordinated The Rain Forest Project at SIUE, which involved more than 200 students in hands-on learning in Carara National Park. She has co-authored an article on designing accessible study abroad for Frontiers, an International Journal of Study Abroad. Always an innovator, she introduced coordinating student internships with international trade companies.

Wolff regularly speaks about best practices in international trade at professional conferences and NASBITE events. She also uses this information within the classroom through activities, projects, and most recently a textbook. She is currently developing her new textbook, “International Economics for Global Business and Policy Making.” It will incorporate trade finance from the CGBP practice delineation, which is beyond the scope of currently available textbooks.

Several years ago, she began expanding to executive education and continuing education credits for CGBPs by creating NASBITE’s web series with dozens of live sessions. Her focus is on recruiting talented individuals to speak and host sessions that bring new knowledge and skills for business owners and others engaged in trade at SMEs, facilitators, counselors, educators, and students. She holds degrees in journalism and economics from the University of Missouri.