Mariah CarnaPaige O'Neill, CGBP
NC SBTDC at UNC Wilmington

With more than 20 years of international business development experience, Paige O’Neill specializes in helping businesses expand their presence in the global marketplace. She guides US companies in strategic market development, financial analysis, and managing international channels of distribution. As their trusted advisor, she helps client-companies:

Evaluate their global readiness and/or sustain their global success;
Analyze foreign markets for international distribution of products and services.
Develop an export plan or export marketing plan to maximize resources; and
Evaluate their financial performance and trade finance options.

Paige has a strong global background and lived overseas for 15 years in Asia Pacific, Australia, and Canada focused on large scale strategic projects. She embodies a unique skill set across business strategy, venture capital, and technology strategy. Her global expertise includes; strategic business development, business, and technology acquisitions, strategic planning, and cultural integration. Paige attended Western Connecticut State University and graduated with a BBA/MIS degree and also received an MBA from Duke University.