Passing the CGBP Exam and Retake Policy

Passing the Exam

Scores on the CGBP Examination are reported as scaled scores where the highest possible score is 800 and the lowest reported score is 200. A scaled score of at least 500 is required to pass the examination.

The national CGBP Examination is criterion-referenced. That means your exam score is not compared to others who took the exam (often known as test-curving). Rather, your score is based strictly on the number of questions answered correctly. There is no deduction for wrong answers so you should answer all questions – even ones for which you are not sure of the answer.

The passing score on the CGBP Examination was determined by a panel of experts in the field of international business. Candidates must obtain the minimum scaled score of 500 to pass regardless of when or where they take the exam. A scaled score is reported rather than a raw score because the scaled score will not vary due to slight differences from test to test. There is no minimum or maximum number of candidates that will be awarded the CGBP designation for each exam.

Candidates are notified if they passed the exam within 2-3 weeks after the close of the test window. Candidates that do not pass also receive their score total score, and their score in each of the four domains. Candidates that pass the exam are provided their total score.

The exam is closed book. You are not permitted to bring any notes or resources to the exam. Calculators are not needed and are not permitted.

Exam Retake Policy

Candidates that do not pass the CGGP exam on their first attempt are allowed to retake the exam, as early as the next convenient test date, or a later date. Candidates that do not pass the exam on their second attempt must wait at least 12 months before retaking the exam. Though there is no limited on the number of times a candidates may retake the exam, further attempts must be at least 12 months after the prior exam date.

Candidates not passing the CGBP are provided a detailed score report showing their score in each of the four CGBP exam areas (domains). Candidates are encouraged to seek training prior to retaking the exam. The exam retake fees are as follows.

  • If you are retaking the exam because you were a no show on your original testing date, your retake fee is $100.00. 
  • If you are retaking the exam because you failed on your first attempt, your retake fee is $150.00.

If you would like to re-register to take the CGBP exam, click here (you will be prompted to log in to your NASBITE account). Select the exam window you wish to register for and then select the corresponding re-take fee.

If you are not sure which fee you should pay, please contact NASBITE Headquarters at (443) 640-1064 to verify your testing status.