Pre-Approved Recertification Programs

Why become a pre-approved program?

Pre-approval allows your organization to market your programs to a growing number of CGBPs who are required to obtain recertification credits in order to maintain their credential. Pre-approved programs will be added to our website on the Pre-Approved Programs page. This page is the “go to” resource for CGBP continuing education.

Click here to find a list of CGBP Re-certification Mechanisms.

If your organization offers CGBP domain-related activities, send us the content for each activity for review and we will determine:

  • Whether CGBPs can earn credits by attending your activity
  • The number of re-certification credits CGBP attendees will receive

For your convenience two payment options are available.

Type of Submission Description
Single Program Approval $25 per program

  • If you plan to submit less than four programs per year for approval, this is the best payment option for your organization.
Multiple Program Approval  $100 for unlimited number of programs in a 12 month period.

  • If you plan to submit more than three programs per year (up to ten), this is the best payment option for your organization.