• Trade.gov Portal: Market intelligence, practical advice and business tools developed by USDOC/ITA international trade specialists and economists to help U.S. companies understand how to export, connect with foreign buyers, and expand operations in new markets.

  • Trade Finance Guide: ITA’s 2022 Trade Finance Guide: NASBITE International is pleased to join with the U.S. Department of Commerce and the International Trade Administration to announce release of the newly updated Trade Finance Guide(2022 Edition).  This valuable resource serves as a quick reference for U.S. exporters, explaining the basics of trade finance so that U.S. companies can evaluate appropriate financing options to ensure they get paid for their sales. To download a copy of the recently updated Trade Finance Guide, go to https://www.trade.gov/trade-finance-guide-quick-reference-us-exporters

  • Export Programs Guide: This comprehensive guide describes useful programs from more than 20 U.S. Government agencies that help U.S. companies export their goods and services to markets around the world.  Since a good understanding of export-related programs and the network of government support agencies that are involved in international trade is important for the CGBP exam, this is a helpful resource.

  • USDA/FAS Portal: Information on U.S. agricultural sales by commodity and country. Insight and analysis on issues affecting agricultural production and trade; data on international trade in agricultural, fish, forest, and textile products; and data on production, supply and distribution of agricultural commodities for the U.S. and key producing and consuming countries.

  • ITCI Trade Information Database (TID Portal): An extensive one-stop source of trade information, tools, and other resources drawn from U.S., international, and non-governmental websites offering: direct links to export/import guides; trade reference tools; product-and-country specific statistics and market research; trade directories, trade opportunities; tariff and non-tariff trade barriers; trade promotion programs; guides to trade finance, documentation, and transportation; and sources of trade assistance.

U.S. Government Trade Assistance Organizations

U.S. Government Trade Promotion Programs and Services

U.S. Government Trade Regulatory Organizations

U.S. State & Local Economic and Trade Development Organizations