International Trade Education & Training Resources

  • Webinars/Training Events: Archived NASBITE Webinars (NASBITE Member login required) and upcoming NASBITE webinars and other training events, including photo galleries of past events
  • NASBITE Conference Archives: Content of breakout presentations (PDFs, etc.) from all prior NASBITE conferences
  • Global Business Courses/Syllabi: MSU/globalEDGE compendium of online course modules, course syllabi, business language courses, textbook publishers, video and case depositories, exercises and simulations, and language resources
  • CGBP Accredited Training Program: A list of CGBP certified facilitators and curriculum aligned to the CGBP Practice Delineation
  • A Basic Guide to Exporting – This information is provided by the U.S. Commercial Service International Trade Administration.  The guide provides an overview of the fundamentals in exporting, and it is designed for small to medium-sized companies who are considering finding new market segments overseas.
  • Export U – This open access website offers practical export training and was developed with the support of the U. S. Department of Commerce
  • globalEDGE Online Course Modules – An open access series of online modules that focus on issues pertinent to international business.  These modules include a case study or anecdotes, a glossary of terms, quiz questions, and a list of references when applicable.
  • Trade Finance Guide – The Trade Finance Guide provides the basics of financing techniques from cash-in-advance to government assisted foreign buyer financing.

International Trade Information Resources

  • Portal: Market intelligence, practical advice and business tools developed by USDOC/ITA international trade specialists and economists to help U.S companies understand how to export, connect with foreign buyers, and expand operations in new markets
  • Export Programs Guide – This comprehensive guide describes useful programs from more than 20 U.S. Government agencies that help U.S. companies export their goods and services to markets around the world.  Since a good understanding of export-related programs and the network of government support agencies that are involved in international trade is important for the CGBP exam, this is a helpful resource.
  • USDA/FAS Portal: Information on U.S. agricultural sales by commodity and country. Insight and analysis on issues affecting agricultural production and trade; data on international trade in agricultural, fish, forest, and textile products; and data on production, supply and distribution of agricultural commodities for the U.S. and key producing and consuming countries
  • ITCI Trade Information Database (TID Portal): An extensive one-stop source of trade information, tools, and other resources drawn from U.S. Government, international, and non-governmental websites with direct links to export/import guides; trade reference tools; product-and-country specific statistics and market research; trade directories, trade opportunities; tariff and non-tariff trade barriers; trade promotion programs; guides to trade finance, documentation, and transportation; and sources of trade assistance

U.S. Government Trade Assistance Organizations

U.S. Government Trade Promotion Programs and Services

U.S. Government Trade Regulatory Organizations

U.S. State & Local Economic and Trade Development Organizations