Who we are

NASBITE International

NASBITE International is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation organized under the laws of Ohio. Established over 30 years ago as an association of North American Small Business International Trade Educators (NASBITE), NASBITE International has become the leading U.S. organization supporting the training and education in the field of global business. We are a professional organization of educators, trainers, service providers and practitioners and our mission is “to advance global business practice, education and training” – this is accomplished by:

  • Facilitating educators, trainers and practitioners in navigating and leveraging the intersection of their collective interests and needs related to global business
  • Providing resources to people developing global business education, training and assistance programs
  • Managing NASBITE International’s credentialing programs and services, including the Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP)
  • Helping businesses become more globally competitive

NASBITE Board of Governors, Distinguished Fellows and Staff

The NASBITE International Board of Governors (BOG) is a working board that requires active involvement by all members—including participation in activities such as strategic planning, conference planning, member development/marketing, and CGBP planning and development.

Interested in serving on the NASBITE Board of Governors?

Are you ready to embrace and advance the mission of NASBITE International by applying to serve on the Board of Governors? Board members play a leading role in setting the policy for the execution of policymaking, planning, financial, community outreach and relations, CGBP program, development of new programs and services, and organizational operations.

For more details on the roles and responsibilities of a member of the Board of Governors, Click here.

To apply for a position on the Board of Governors, download an Application & Profile Form and submit as instructed. Applications are due by September 15th for the following year’s election.

Executive Committee

Leroy Lowe, CGBP
NSCC Truro Campus
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Vice President
Jackie Rasmussen, CGBP
University of Missouri
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Larry Dill, CGBP/CGBP Certified Trainer
University of Missouri
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Immediate Past President
Strategic Partnerships Development Task Force Chair
Tammy Marquez-Oldham, CGBP/CGBP Certified Trainer
Portland Community College SBDC
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Fellows Chair
Jeanette Benson, CGBP/CGBP Certified Trainer
Center for International Trade – Merced College
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Board Development  Task Force Co-Chair
Aleda Bourassa, CGBP
International Customs Services, Inc.
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Board Development  Task Force Co-Chair
Mentor Program Chair

Dr. Amy Coon
Cardinal Stritch University
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Stakeholder Relations Task Force Chair, CGBP Liaison
James Foley*, CGBP
Bradley University International Trade Center
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Membership Services & Task Force Chair
Colette Hart
Cleveland State University
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Summit & Conference Task Force Chair
Sarah Singer, CGBP/CGBP Certified Trainer
Michigan State University International Trade Center
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Not Pictured: CGBP Governance Council Chair, Devorah Kaufman, CGBP, Euromonitor International, devorah.kaufman@euromonitor.com

Board of Governors

Dimy Doresca, CGBP/CGBP Certified Trainer
The University of Iowa
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Ray Fogarty, Bryant University
In Memoriam (Obituary Here)

Dimitris Kloussiadis, CGBP/CGBP Certified Trainer
University of Georgia International Trade Center
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Maurice Kogon, CGBP
Kogon Trade Consulting
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Mary McKinney, CGBP
Duquesne University
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Alberto Rodriguez-Baez, CGBP
UTSA Institute for Economic Development, Minority Business Development Agency Export Center
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Chris Schrage, CGBP/CGBP Certified Trainer
University of Northern Iowa
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Gabriel Shweiri, CGBP/CGBP Certified Trainer
Santa Ana College

Joyce Steffan
The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business
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* Indicates board member also serves as a distinguished fellow


Ex-Officio Members

Ex-Im Bank
Current Seat HolderMichael Jackson
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Current Seat Holder
Caroline Tompkins

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Small Business Administration
Current Seat HolderSteve Sullivan
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U.S. Department of Commerce
Current Seat Holder
Yuki Fujiyama

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Distinguished Fellows

Jeanette Benson
Presidency Year: 2011
Judee Benton
Presidency Year:
Brian Davis
Presidency Year: 2005
Glenn Doolittle
Presidency Year: 2006
Robert Erwin
Presidency Year: 2012
Dr. Kelly E. Fish
Presidency Year: 2015
James Foley
Presidency Year: 2001
Lourdene Huhra
Presidency: 1998
Sara Jackson
Presidency Year: 2010
Maurice Kogon
Presidency Year: 2009
Nisa Miranda
Presidency Year: 1996
Kelly Jett Murphrey
Presidency Year: 2003
Janis Parsley Short
Presidency Year: 1991
Jan Smith
Presidency Year: 2007
Arlene Soto
Presidency Year: 2008
Dave Streifford
Presidency Year: 1999
Sharynn Tomlin
Presidency Year: 2004
Laura Wolff
Presidency Year: 2013